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Freitag, 1. Juli 2022

BA 048: Nervegas - s/t - 12"

NERVEGAS - s/T- 12"

Raw and brutal D-Beat from Copenhagen.
From the ashes of PLAGUEFIEND and DISWOLF the Copenhagen band NERVEGAS was born. Mixing traditional rawpunk and Scandicrust with elements of Burning Spirits HC, the music is best described as an explosive cocktail of heavy, raw and brutal hardcore on an uncompromising foundation of pounding D-beat. After a few line-up changes, the band was finally ready to hit the road and conquer this whole fucking war-torn hellscape.

This record combines their 2020 demo and recent recordings from last summer into one musical shrapnel.
Sounds like a dark tank rolling through your brain, leaving deep furrows.
The record comes with A2 poster and will be limited to 500 copies, 100 of them in green, black foggy vinyl.



Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2022

BA 047: Nachkriegsratten - Hia Hua - LP

Niemand hatte vor eine Platte zu errichten!
Nun ist es doch passiert, die Geschichte wiederholt sich immer wieder....

"biste Punk, Punk, Punk, kotz in'n Schrank, Schrank, Schrank"
Die Nachkriegsratten haben das aber nicht vor, die Nachkriegsratten sind angetreten den Bierschrank leer zu trinken um ihn anschließend kaputt zu schlagen, und genau danach klingt auch ihre Musik.
Die Kotze wird hier nicht versteckt!
Das riecht nach Billigbier und Unmut, nach Frustration und Rosenkohltorte. Wenn du diese Platte auflegst, dann wird die Luft immer dünner, Culti, Schlips Vicious, Ratte Machiato und Männermann machen aus deiner sonnigen Dachterasse ein feuchts Kellerloch, von Schlacke angeheitert sprengen sie deine Party und wenn du in der Kneipe mit Faschos säufst hagelt es Bratpfannenschläge, RANDALE!
Von wann genau diese Aufnahmen stammen ist bis heute unklar, aber das spielt auch keine Rolle. Das flotte Gerumpel klingt wie eine Mischung aus PARANOIA, RATTHEADS und L’ATTENTAT, mit einer Idee CHAOS Z. Die deutschsprachigen politischen Texte erzählen von einem Leben im Müll, von zuviel Zukunft und zu wenig Bier, es geht um Schalentiere und Stiefel und ums Träumen und Scheitern in einer nutzlosen Welt.. Hier wird kein Blatt vor den Mund genommen und gnadenlos mit allem abgerechnet.

Die Platte kommt mir A1 Poster, Computerspiel, Aufnäher und Downloadcode.
Culti und Co haben alle farbigen Platten mit ihren filzi filzi Braunkohlefingern befummelt und nun gibt es die Platte nur in schwarzem Vinyl zu kaufen.
Bedankt euch bei den Ratten!
Hia Hua!

Out Now!


Montag, 9. Mai 2022

BA 045: Atom Atom - Licht Aus - LP

Available in black and transparent black fogged vinyl!

Finally the debut album of the three Hamburg punks sees the light of day, only to put it out again straight away.
LIGHT OFF! ...but in the dark it's not good to muck about, because nothing is good and nothing will be.
ATOM ATOM are disillusioned and spread a cold atmosphere full of tension and horror. This is darkly played HC punk, but it doesn't stagnate in monotony, but comes across as brisk and energetic despite the perceived depth.
In their lyrics they reflect the madness of a delusional reality.
While the rough and uncouth voice of guitarist and singer Ross is heading in the direction of HC punk, bassist and singer Kante gives the whole thing a certain individual touch with her reverberating voice and the sudden emergence of melancholic melodic arcs. An eerily beautiful undertone runs through the entire playing time of this long-playing record.
Sawing guitar, booming bass!
Carried by the powerful and continuously throbbing drums of Mike, all this results in an incredibly driving sound, which contains a latent coldness and spreads nothing but hopelessness, but totally bangs.
ATOM ATOM are out of the ordinary, the three of them have created their very own sound.

As a bonus, there is a cover song at the end, which couldn't fit better to this band and which has been realised in a great way.
The disc comes with an inlay and download code and is available in two different vinyl colours.

Out Now!


Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2022

BA 044: The Disturbed - We Are The Disturbed - LP

This record is simply fucking amazing!
Trust me, you'll need it!

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Dienstag, 7. September 2021

BA 046: Call The Cops / Just Wär - At War With Cops - Split LP


Twice completely wacky street rock'n'roll / HC punk that don't wash.

Both bands show a musical development on this record, which can only be rated positively.

There's not much more to explain, this is simply a really cool, varied record. 

Out Now!



 BAR 007: English Dogs - To The Ends Of The Earth - 12"

Official repress of this classic from 1984!

After "Mad Punx And English Dogs" and "Invasion Of The Porky Men" the third vinyl release and second EP of the English Dogs is much more metallic.The typical British punk sound is supported by purposefully applied guitar solos and whipped forward by a somewhat overdriven, reverberating vocals, by the massive drum fire from the ambush these 4 songs form a unit that rolls you down.The English Dogs have, to my mind, created a very individual, new sound with this EP, which is even more raw than that of some of their peers.This is dirty metallic HC punk!Every song is a hit, the songs have been remastered, the record comes with the original artwork, A2 poster and is also available in green vinyl. 

Out Now!

Streetdate is 28 of June!

Black Vinyl - 13,00€

Green Vinyl - 14,00€

Freitag, 26. März 2021

 BAR 006: Mayhem - Pulling Puppet Strings - 7" EP

Official re-release of Mayhem's second EP from 1983.
Originally released on Riot City Records in 1983, the band's second disc is not quite as wild and chaotic as its predecessor "Gentlemurder".

 First repress since 1983, 100 pieces in purple vinyl!


Out Now!

Black Vinyl - 5,90€

Purple Vinyl - 6,90€

 BAR 005: Mayhem - Gentle Murder E.P. - 7"

Official re-release of the 1982 smash record, originally released on Riot City Records.

First re-release since 1982, 100 pieces in dark red vinyl!

Out Now!

Black Vinyl - 5,90€

Dark Red Vinyl - 6,90€

Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2021


BAR 004: Screaming Dead – Bring Out Yer Dead – LP+CD


Reissue of the compilation from 1993, first time on vinyl.

This record comes with an additional CD what complains 5 more songs.

Limited edition of 200 colored copies.


Out Now!

Black Vinyl - 14,50€

Colored Vinyl - 15,50€

Freitag, 2. Oktober 2020

BAR 003: Vex - Sanctuary - 12" EP

Official repress of this classic from 1984, by Bomb-All ReissuesPressing of 500: 400 in black, 100 in coloured vinyl (purple transparent)

Comes with both sided printed inlay. Anarcho Goth Punk, originally released on Fight Back Records

Out Now!!!

Black Vinyl - 12,00€

Colured Vinyl -  13,00€

Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2020

BAR 002: Ultra Violent - Crime For Revenche - EP

Official repress of this classic from 1983, by Bomb-All ReissuesPressing of 500:     400 in black, 100 in coloured vinyl (black-red splattered)

Comes with both sided printed inlay. Brutish UK 82 HC-Punk, originally released  on Riot City Records


Out Now!!!

Black Vinyl - 5,90€

Coloured Vinyl - 6,90€

BAR 001: Death Sentence - Death And Pure Distruction - EP

Official repress of this classic from 1982, by Bomb-All Reissues
Pressing of 500: 400 in black, 100 in coloured vinyl (petrol blue)
Rough HC-Punk, originally released by Beat The System !! / Lightbeat Records


Out Now!!!

Black Vinyl - 5,90€

Coloured Vinyl - 6,90€

Donnerstag, 27. August 2020

BA 042: Left For Dead - Humanity - LP

BA 042: Left For Dead - Humanity - LP


Limited edition of 300 copies!

Published 2008 on CD, now first time on Vinyl!

In collaboration with Emergency Records.


Out Now!!!



Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2020

BA 041 - Exilent - Beyond Remedy - LP

Out Now!!!
BA 040: The Zero Point - 4 Decades Of Fuckin' Shit Up - LP

Limited edition of 250 copies!
First time on vinyl!
In collaboration with Mad Butcher Records.

Out Now!!!

BA 039: Moribund Scum - Only Death - LP

Out Now!!!

Montag, 23. Dezember 2019

Montag, 19. August 2019

Mittwoch, 24. April 2019

BA 037: Dead Wreched - No Hope For You - LP

Limited edition of 250 copies!
First time on vinyl!
In collaboration with Mad Butcher Records.

Still available!!!

Montag, 8. April 2019

BA 036: A-Heads - Ash To The Soil - LP

Limited edition of 250 copies!
First time on vinyl!
In collaboration with Mad Butcher Records.

Still available!!!